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Baby Shower

It’s a time akin to no other as a woman awaits the arrival of her first child with a mixture of anticipation, excitement and nerves. Our range of Baby Shower offerings have been designed to prepare and indulge both mum and baby. Whether an individual or group gift, your selection will make a generous gesture of your presence and support at this incredible time in her life.

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  • Cool Cat
    Cool Cat
    Cool Cat
    Cool Cat
    Cool Cat
    Cool Cat
    Cool Cat
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    Sold Out

    Why not add a bit of your own styling and a little something extra?

    Cool Cat was $125.00  NOW $125.00

    If you’re on the prowl for a statement unisex gift, Cool Cat is the pick of the pack. Kapow Kids deliver a playful romper and matching bib ideal for warmer weather fun. Teamed with a striking Luna Rattle and the option to add a 'Cheeting Jet' Wrap, this offering welcomes with paws and all.

    Perfect For
    a new cub
    • Kapow Kids All-in-One
    • Kapow Kids Drib
    • Nature Bubz Teething Rattle
    • Hey Baby! 'Cheeting Jet' Swaddle (optional)
    • Our Signature Gift Box
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    Why not add a bit of your own styling and a little something extra?

    Bahen & Co: 70% PNG Bahen & Co: 70% PNG was $10.00 NOW $10.00 Perfect for Sourced from a volcanic valley on the wild isles of Papua New Guinea. This heirloom cacao exhibits flavours of raspberry cream & citrus fruits. On Sale Sold Out addon Nourish My Lips: Lip Balm Nourish My Lips: Lip Balm was $16.95 NOW $16.95 Perfect for Whether caused by a harsh sun, or freezing winter temperatures or the long hours in a labour ward, lips that are cracked, dehydrated, and chapped are miserable. Here is the perfect lip rejuvenation treatment to help keep your lips healthy. Each ingredient in Summer Salt Body’s lip treatment serves a purpose for nourishing your lips - no flavours, no fragrances just pure healing balm! On Sale Sold Out addon Kandila Co. Candle Kandila Co. Candle was $20.00 NOW $20.00 Perfect for Kandila Co’s premium natural soy wax candle is perfectly blended with Australian-made fragrance oil and a lead-free, natural fibre wick. Carefully crafted and hand-poured into a reusable travel tin, they make a most thoughtful addition to any new baby gift. On Sale Sold Out addon Nourish My Skin: Everything Cream Nourish My Skin: Everything Cream was $27.95 NOW $27.95 Perfect for This luxe cream will rejuvenate your skin keeping it healthy. Packed with skin healing aloe vera, macadamia oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter & vitamin E to nourish and hydrate dry or damaged skin. On Sale Sold Out addon
    Jellycat Black + Cream Puppy Jellycat Black + Cream Puppy was $38.95 NOW $38.95 Perfect for Silky-soft and lovingly loyal, Bashful Black & Cream Puppy wants to play all day! His smudgy black patch and sooty tail make him even more adorable! Each Bashful has a bag of beads incorporated into its design to help make it sit. All beads are enclosed within a cotton fibre inner bag. Small 31cm suitable from birth On Sale Sold Out addon 1

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